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  • Antique books (set of 3)
    Antique books (set of 3)

    Beautiful set of three antique French books from 1796.

    Very decorative with beautifully yellowed leaves.

    Dimensions: L 27 x W 21 x H 14 cm

    € 95,00
  • Antique French beehive
    Antique French beehive

    Beautiful objects are these 19th century French beehives covered all around with loam.

    Very sober in appearance, a beautiful asset and a rural treasure to have in your home.

    Handmade and very beautiful in the sturdy, rural…

    € 125,00
  • Large shell
    Large shell

    Beautiful old shell.

    Dimensions 31 by 18 cm

    € 49,00
  • Antique French dictionaries
    Antique French dictionaries

    Wonderful to have such a pile of old books in the house.

    Very decorative.

    They are dictionaries from France from 1726.

    Size; L 40 x W 26 x H 6 cm

    Still 4 pieces in stock, price is per piece.

    € 49,00
  • Weather house
    Weather house

    Antique weather house from France. Made of wood and cardboard.

    Doesn't function anymore, but a great fun and decorative item.

    Height 21 cm

    Width 25 cm

    Depth 11 cm.

  • Semicircular wooden ornament with flowers
    Semicircular wooden ornament with flowers

    This wooden ornament is very decorative, hand-carved with flowers in a pale gray / blue color.

    The ornament contains small flowers and roses.

    Dimensions: Length 46 x Deep 27 cm

    € 95,00
  • Hand painted tray
    Hand painted tray

    Beautiful hand painted metal tray with roses in soft pink colors.

    There is a hanging eye to hang it up.

    Dimensions: Diameter 47 cm

    € 95,00
  • Console

    Antique wooden console, finished with bronze rim and decorations.

    Width 32.5 cm

    Depth 17.5 cm

    Height 24.5 cm

    € 79,00
  • Cheese molds
    Cheese molds

    Set of two metal cheese molds. Very nice as a wind light / tea light holder.

    Length 14 cm

    Depth 9 cm

    Height 8 cm

    Set price

    € 29,50
  • Antique French Globe de Mariee
    Antique French Globe de Mariee

    Antique French Globe de Mariee. 19th. century.

    Richly ecorated with gilded leaves and mirrors and a wax flower diadem.

    In good, whole condition.

    Shipping remains very risky.
    Pick up in our store is recommended.If necessary we…

    € 295,00
  • Pharmacists bottle
    Pharmacists bottle

    Antique glass pharmacy bottle with engraved text. Glass has turned very nice white on the inside.

    Height 26 cm

    Diameter 12 cm

    € 32,50
  • Wire basket
    Wire basket

    Old French wire basket

    Height 34 cm, diameter 31 cm.

    € 29,50
  • Rye grass basket
    Rye grass basket

    Old French basket of rye grass. In good, whole condition.

    Diameter 43 cm

    Height 16 cm

    € 39,50
  • School plate 1924
    School plate 1924

    School plate from 1924, made by Fernand Nathan. This publisher developed school books and school plates that were to make education more fun for children. This school album is from a series from the 1920s. The children could tell…

    € 49,00
  • Original oyster basket
    Original oyster basket

    Original French oyster basket.

    These baskets were used for oyster catches.
    They have a nice tough look.Size: 50 cm x 40 cm x 26 cm

    € 25,00
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