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  • Oil painting 'lady in blue'
    Oil painting 'lady in blue'

    Beautiful French oil portrait of a lady in blue.

    Oil on linen.

    19th century.

    In very good condition.

    65 x 54 cm

    € 395,00
  • Still life with kitchen scene
    Still life with kitchen scene

    Beautifully sober kitchen still life.
    Oil on wooden panel.Signed.

    Length 42 cm
    High 32 cm

    € 149,00
  • Oil on canvas grapes and pineapple
    Oil on canvas grapes and pineapple

    Small oil painting still life with grapes and pineapple. Signed C St Paul.

    Dimensions 29 x 21 cm.

    € 139,00
  • Oil on canvas grapes
    Oil on canvas grapes

    Small oil still life with bunches of grapes, signed C St Paul.

    Dimensions 29 x 21 cm.

    € 139,00
  • Antique French 18th century mirror
    Antique French 18th century mirror

    Beautiful 18th century French mirror with beaded edge and beautiful gray patina.
    The frame is in the old gray paint.Beautiful weathered original mirror glass.

    Height 64 cm
    Wide 54 cmShipping is not possible due to the…

    € 249,00
  • Antique French mirror
    Antique French mirror

    Antique French mirror with wooden frame and beaded edge.
    Facet cut mirror glass.
    The color of the frame is moss green with gilded accents.
    The here and there worn spots and damage in the beaded edge and frame give it a nice worn,…

    € 295,00
  • still life chickens
    still life chickens

    Oil painting still life with chickens.

    Small damage / hole in canvas, center right.
    otherwise in good conditionSigned: A. Conquel, 1864

    Size: 35,5 x 27 cm (13.98 x 10,63 inches)

    € 149,00
  • Large antique bridal mirror (Louis XVI)
    Large antique bridal mirror (Louis XVI)

    Beautiful 18th century French bridal mirror with the original old mirror glass with weathered spots.
    Beautiful beaded edge details
    Louis XVI period.Size:
    Height 104 cm
    Wide 56 cmMirror is too large and too fragile to ship.

    € 549,00
  • Antique French bridal mirror
    Antique French bridal mirror

    French bridal mirror.
    Gilded frame with beautiful crest, with the old mirror glass.
    The mirror glass has weathered spots.Early 19th century.

    Height 64 cm
    Wide 36 cmIn good condition.

    Shipping is possible, but at your own…

    € 349,00
  • oilpainting still life kitchen
    oilpainting still life kitchen

    This French still life painting is beautiful in color.
    With grapes, cheese, cherries, the copper pan and the bottle.It is an oil on canvas, signed.

    Dimensions: H 46 cm x W 38 cm

    In good condition, no restorations or holes.

    € 179,00
  • Still life oilpainting 'pheasant'
    Still life oilpainting 'pheasant'

    Oilpainting still life on canvas.
    Beautiful sober appearance.
    Very nice kitchen decor.Size:
    Length 65 cm
    Height 45 cmIn beautiful condition.

    € 269,00
  • Pastel portrait of child
    Pastel portrait of child

    Oval pastel portrait of a young girl.

    The bow on the frame is a little bit damaged.
    The portrait has beautiful colours.Size:
    height 52 cm
    Wide 38 cm

    € 295,00
  • Still life autumn flowers
    Still life autumn flowers

    French still life with beautiful autumn flowers in beautiful warm tones.

    Painted on canvas.
    Signed.Dimensions: H 61 cm, W 50 cm

    € 165,00
  • oilpainting roses
    oilpainting roses

    This oil canvas with a basket full of roses and hydrangea is beautiful in color

    In good condition.
    No holes or major damage.Size:
    L 46 cm
    H 35 cm

  • Oil painting still life 'old barn'
    Oil painting still life 'old barn'

    Oil painting on canvas of an old barn from the 19th century.

    Pretty shabby..., but I couldn't resist not buying this one.
    The canvas has some damage.You have to be a seasoned flea market enthusiast for this.

    Size: 55 x 40…

    € 75,00
  • SOLD

    Oil painting still life 'chapel'
    Oil painting still life 'chapel'

    Beautifully signed oil painting on canvas with a chapel, candlestick and flowers.

    The signature is slightly faded.

    Nicely muted colours.

    In good condition.

    Dimensions: Wide 83 cm x High 63 cm

    € 350,00 € 295,00
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